su ikramimizdir

Su Ikramimizdir (Water is on the house), is a collaboration between Serra Tansel and Duval Timothy which turned into an exhibition at Polistar Gallery Istanbul, Turkey from the 12 to 21 September 2014. For the exhibition we installed a water filter into the gallery space to serve clean drinking water as an invitation to the local comunity to use the gallery as a social space or place of rest. We also made a large collage/poster, clay cups formed around the shape of our clenched fists and shelves to house them. The orange tube carrying water from the gallery space at the top of the building down to a fountain at steet level was also a prominent feature along with an LED sign outside the entrance to the building advertising the free water. Many local traders and craftsmen helped us to acheive this project.

The launch was celebrated with live musicians and DJ’s. We also formed an events program of related screenings and performances throughout the show.