meeting with a judas tree

6 track LP. Recorded 2019 - 2022

Primarily recorded at my home studio in South London, Carrying Colour studio in Freetown, my old studio in Rotherhithe Old Police Station, and Casa Mahler in Spoleto.

Recorded on different pianos, including an upright in Freetown that had lost the felt of its hammers due to the humidity creating a harpsichord-like sound as the raw wood hit the strings.

Other prominent instruments featured are Moog Grandmother, double bass, electric guitar and Juno-G.

Part of the piano recordings on 'Up' and 'Drift' were composed and recorded through April 2021, whilst I was artist in residence at the Mahler & LeWitt Studios, Spoleto, for the ‘Mahler, The Song of the Earth' project in partnership with Mahler Foundation. During the residency, I was studying and creating work in response to the life and work of Gustav Mahler, in particular 'Das Lied Von Der Erde' (The Song of the Earth) — a vast song cycle engaging with nature, forgiveness, friendship, and mortality themes.

While making this record, I wanted to explore what the natural environment means to me personally. I went on many trips into nature to engage with plant life and natural materials. These included everyday strolls around South London, walks with my mum in the hills surrounding Bath (Up), hikes through Freetown, the hills of Spoleto, up-line in Ghana and nature sanctuaries in Sierra Leone (Wood). in all of these environments I found incredible examples of nature, which I felt personally close to and inpired this record.

I made field recordings with my phone or Zoom recorder, documenting various birds, insects, monkeys, bats, plants, trees, stones and so on, which are all on the record.

Vinyl includes a text by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck written in response to the album.

Released November 11, 2022

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1. Plunge  2:50 

2. Wood ft. Yu Su  3:31

Additional piano & synth by Yu Su

3. Mutate  8:40

Additional guitar by Kiran Kai

4. Up  3:51

Additional production by Vegyn
Voice in field recording by Erica Timothy

5. Thunder ft. Fauzia 7:33

Live effects by Fauzia

6. Drift ft. Lamin Fofana  5:50

Sound design by Lamin Fofana

All music by Duval Timothy
Co-writing on Wood by Yu Su and Thunder by Fauzia
Mixed by Philip Weinrobe
Atmos mix by Brian Bender
Mastered by Josh Bonati
Artwork / Photography by Duval Timothy
Text by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck
Carrying Colour Records 2022
Published by Decca Publishing, a division of Universal Music Group ltd.

Meeting with a Judas Tree - Short Film

Directed by Duval Timothy
Carrying Colour

Meeting with a Judas Tree’ is a short film which is an accompaniment to my new album of the same name.

The film runs through the entirety of the album (32 minutes) pairing the music with mostly still images of plants and trees I have photographed over the past few years. These images document some of the experiences that inspired the music.

The film is an exploration of my personal relationship with the natural world and so features images shot largely in the UK and Sierra Leone where I live and have a family background. Through the combination of still images with music I hope to create space for contemplation and imagination. A homage to the natural world around us.

Presenting ‘Meeting with a Judas Tree’ at the ICA is an opportunity to celebrate the release of the album and share an immersive collective experience.

ICA Cinema
12 & 13 November 2022
12.30 pm
Tickets £5 - Available HERE

Idyllic Space x Metting with a Judas Tree 

An installtion at the V&A museum, presenting an immersive installation of a short film ‘Idyllic Space’ by Tyler Mitchell alongslide music from Duval Timothy’s album ‘Meeting with a Judas Tree’ with an immersive soundscape audio installation. Exhibited as part of the V&A Late programe guest curated by Tyler Mitchell.

12 Minutes (Loop)
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Contemporary Programme curator: Meneesha Kellay
Friday 28 October 2022 - Free
Photos: Duval Timothy / Hydar Dewachi