2 sim

‘2 Sim’ is a phrase that uses mobile phones with two sim cards as a metaphor for people of mixed heritage, dual nationality or multiple residence. After being called 2 Sim in conversation with a stranger while on a walk through Freetown (a recording of this moment features on the record) I began to explore what the 2 Sim experience is in contemporary West-Africa.

2 Sim EP was created from 2 months of field recordings and interviews with family and friends in Freetown Sierra Leone. These site specific recordings are collaged with solo piano recordings and production recorded in Sierra Leone and the UK. The EP is accompanied by a short film/ music video of the same name which I shot and Directed whilst making the record.

1. 2 Sim (7:05)
2. Botany Rd (6:28)
3. All Things (10:38)
4. First Rain (7:28)
12” 180g Vinyl & limited edition scroll

2 Sim is also available via Minute of Listening, a curated collection of 60-second recordings introducing children to a range of music and sounds. Accompanying resources help enrich all curriculum areas, and follow-up questions encourage children to discuss what they heard, thought and felt.