Brown Loop is Duval's second album that following on from 'Dukobanti' sees him push his music further sonically, conceptually and in the simplicity of the solo piano.

The 10 track album consists of compositions that build up from simple lines of colourful melody or baselines that repeat themselves gradually building up towards a collection of more and more layered 'brown' chords. The repetition of these phrases draws from Duval's hiphop influences where short phrases or samples are traditionally looped. Duval has adapted this concept of the loop, effectively sampling himself but within a single acoustic piano performance so that each repeated phrase offers variations from the last.

As in many of his visual artworks, on 'Blue Borough' Duval acknowledges Lewisham borough of South-London where he grew up. The track which draws influence from Claude Debussy and Mobb Deep is both light and dark in its pursuit to evoke a sense of place.

'Hairs' is undoubtedly one of the albums big tracks that takes us on a journey from its initial hard hitting baseline to spaces that are joyful and melancholic.

Second Album 'Brown Loop'.
15 original instrumental piano tracks.
12" vinyl stocked at selected stores:

Sounds of the Universe, Soho, London, UK

IF records, Soho, London, UK
YAM records, Peckham, London, UK
Tome, Bermondsey, London, UK
C'H'C'M' Soho, New York, USA
Good Records, New York, USA
Turntable Lab, New York, USA
Jetset Records, Kyoto, Japan

Selected performances and events:

C'H'C'M' (Soho, New York) - 6th May 2016
Brown Loop listening party

Still House Gallery (Red Hook, New York) - 7th May 2016
Artist dinner and live performance

Henry Taylor Studio (Los Angeles) - 12th May 2016
Live performance

NTS radio (Dalston, London) - 17th May 2016
Interview and live performance
Listen back

St Johns Hall (Tower Bridge, London) - 19th May 2016
Live performance with homemade ginger beer