The outfit is a response and contribution to the performance practice of artist Johnny Costi.

In his performances, Johnny uses objects that he has accumulated throughout his life to make sculptures with temporary stack formations and arrangements. The wide range of objects tell a story of the artist's history. Each formation creates a point of discussion, an opportunity to participate and a new meaning as an art object. In previous performances Johnny has used a trolley to move the objects. I was interested in how these things are transported and decided to work with this aspect of his performance.

The felt outfit I made, takes the place of the trolley with a bespoke pocket to house and ultimately transport each object. As Johnny navigates his way through the exhibition space members of the audience are invited to take objects out of the pockets to be discussed and arranged into temporary sculptures.

Autobiography and animism, an audience with Johny Costi took place at Cons Project, London. Friday 13 June 2014.