This artwork is a response to the context where it exists, London Bridge. There have been several bridges that stretched across the river Thames between London Bridge and Monument, which existed before the bridge that stands today. The last bridge was built in 1831. In 1968 the City of London sold that London Bridge to an American entrepreneur because it was sinking into the river bed. A more modern bridge was built in it's place which opened in 1973 and continues to be used today. The old, stone London Bridge was taken apart, shipped to Arizona in individual pieces and reconstructed at Lake Havasu City, Arizona and is also in use today.

To highlight the relationship between the two London Bridges that exist on different sides of the globe, I made a bespoke suit consisting of trousers, shirt, shoes, bow tie, belt and 'Boss of the planes' style hat in the colours and pattern of the Arizona state flag. I wore the colourful Arizona outfit and walked across London Bridge, (in London) during the morning commute where thousands of people, migrate across the bridge to work in the City.

The walk across London Bridge was photographed with Alice Rainis on Friday 16 May 2014.

The artwork will occupy a billboard at London Bridge Station, Duke Street Hill, SE1 2SW - Billboard no 8171 as part of MYNAMEIS, a public exhibition: 21st June 2014 to 7th July 2014.

Other artists in the exhibition are: Gillian Wearing / Kevin Morosky / Annie Mackin / Nastasia Alberti